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In 2008, the Baker County Sheriff’s Office was given the opportunity to build a new facility with the capability of housing federal inmates for the U.S. government. Today, our jail can house over 500 inmates, both county and federal. Inmates are given access to legal resources, education programs, phones, and a fully staffed medical ward.

The Corrections division is split into two factions—county and federal—to better institute various regulations each faction maintains. Lieutenant Messe
r oversees the federal portion of the facility, and Lieutenant Rhoden oversees the county portion.

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Lieutenant Messer

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Lieutenant Rhoden

Sexual Safety of Inmates/Detainees

What is the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)?

Signed on September 4, 2003 by President George W. Bush, Public Law 108-79, The Prison Rape Elimination Act was the first ever federal legislation addressing the issue of sexual assault in correction settings. This act requires agencies to comply with the national standards proposed by the Prison Rape Elimination Commission and approved by the Attorney General to eliminate sexual abuse in confinement. In the development of the Prison Rape Elimination Act, Congress found that “prison rape endangers the public safety by making brutalized inmates more likely to commit crimes when they are released.” (PREA 2003). In addition, offenders may find themselves vulnerable to sexual abuse by fellow offenders or by detention staff while under their supervision. Therefore, the corrections field has a responsibility to step up their efforts to address corrections-based sexual assault.
Fundamental to an agency’s success will be its commitment to zero tolerance of sexual abuse and sexual harassment – a recognition that sexual abuse and sexual harassment in confinement facilities is unacceptable under any circumstances and as dangerous a threat to institutional security as an escape or homicide.
The Baker County Sheriff’s Office is committed to a zero-tolerance standard for sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Agencies must demonstrate zero-tolerance not merely by words and written policy but through their actions, including what they do to prevent sexual abuse and their response when it occurs. The Baker County Sheriff’s Office will establish zero-tolerance through: Prevention, Intervention, Reporting, Treatment, and Investigation.
You can learn more about PREA at the web sites for the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission and the National Institute of Corrections.

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