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Steven M. Burridge 

White Male

DOB: 01-07-69

6’ 00” Brown Hair

Drug Possession

Sell of Controlled Substance

Timothy “Pork Chop” Martin

White Male

DOB: 09-19-1979

5’ 08” Brown Hair Shaved

Failure To Appear Felony

William H. Dial

White Male

DOB: 02-10-71

5’ 07” Brown Hair

Probation Violation

Vaughsarae Givens

Black Male

DOB: 01-10-73

Synth Narcotic-Possession

Synth Narcotic-Sell



Forest K. Jesseman

White Male

DOB: 03-11-86

5’ 02” Brown Hair

Damage to Property

Criminal Mishchief

Gregory S. Jones

White Male

DOB: 06-16-56

5’ 08” Grey Hair

Violation of Probation

Domingo Lopez

Hispanic Male

DOB: 04-05-25

6’ 00” Brown Hair

Failure to Appear

Christopher D. Nelson

White Male

DOB: 12-22-65

5’10” Brown Hair

Violation of Probation

Willie J. Salter

White Male

DOB: 03-23-72

6’02” Brown Hair

Probation Violation

Caleb M. Koessler

White Male

DOB: 09-07-93

5’ 06” Brown Hair

Flee/Attempt to Elude Leo

Non Moving Traffic Violation

Kristen L. Maerz

White Female

DOB: 04-17-66

5’ 08” Brown Hair



Hit and Run

Joseph S. Merkle

White Male

DOB: 08-11-65

5’11” Black Hair

Vehicle Theft

Larceny & Burglary

Damage to Property-Crim Misch.